Preface to the First Edition

 Where Credit is Due

I am indebted to my wife, Milly Heatwole, who provided me with constant encouragement as well as huge stacks of reference materials. I am indebted to my friend Nancy Hand, who walked some of the trails with me and later walked other trails alone, manuscript in hand, to make sure I've told it like it is.

Many people have furnished information, or walked trails with me, or otherwise lent aid and comfort. Here's a partial list, in alphabetical order:

Dennis Carter, Hugh Crandall, Larry Hakel, Bob Jacobsen, Bob Johnson, Darwin and Eileen Lambert, Paul Lee, Rodney Lowe, John Meidell, Bob and Pat Momich, Charles E. Perdue Jr. and Nancy J. Martin-Perdue, Chris Rodgers, Ray Schaffner, Nancy Shives, Jean Stephenson, Norm Trout.


This book offers a great many facts, a good bit of advice, several legends, and a few opinions. The Superintendent of Shenandoah National Park and his staff have, insofar as possible, verified the facts, and certify the advice to be sound. The legends are so labeled. The opinions are my own, and do not necessarily coincide with official doctrine of the National Park Service.

    Henry Heatwole
    Big Meadows
    Spring, 1978

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